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“Ron Bielefeld has all the talent, skills, and passion needed to be a great photographer, guide, and teacher. I recently went out on Ron’s boat early one morning to photograph birds. At 6:00 a.m. Ron was ready with boat in tow to drive us to Blue Cypress Lake. It was my first trip with Ron but I’m sure it won’t be my last. Ron was friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable not only about traversing the lake to get us close to the birds, he was also very helpful advising me on photography skills and camera settings needed to capture birds in flight. I can’t say enough good things about my outing with Ron. He knew exactly where to take us. We shot Barred Owls, a Red-Shouldered Hawk, a Kingfisher, and Osprey. And, thanks to Ron we were able to get “up close and personal.” What a fabulous morning photographing—one I’ll remember for a long time to come. I would highly recommend Ron as an outdoor guide and photography instructor. ”Rene Griffith, Artist and PhotographerIndialantic, FL

December 2011 Thanks Ron for making possible one of the most exciting bird photography experiences I have ever had! Being out on your boat got us very close to our subjects, which included Barred Owls, Osprey, and a Peregrine Falcon. I was able to get some fantastic flight shots of these birds, as well as photos of them perched. Your expert knowledge of avian behavior is a plus, as it helps prepare the photographer to capture flight shots, as well as other unique behavior displays. I would highly recommend your service to anyone who wants to raise the bar on the quality and variety of photos they take. Thanks again. Ursula Dubrick Professional Wildlife Photographer

"Our trip with Ron Bielefield of Whistling Wings Photography was a memorable experience. Professional, knowledgeable and personable: this guy knows his stuff! Not also did Ron manage to put us on some great birds and wildlife, but he placed us in such a position, that we could not miss getting some truly terrific shots. We utilized his teachings in flight photography and it produced some impressive results. Ron's knowledge and life long passion for nature is what makes him an exceptional guide. I highly recommend Whistling Wings Photography and have already booked my next trip."Sincerely,Bob Schamerhorn -

I really appreciated Ron’s talents as a tour guide, photographer, and a naturalist . This was my first outing to capture images of a Barred Owl, and he enabled me to capture some fantastic images. I was also able to capture other bird photos as well. His understanding of bird behavior, positioned us to capture the best image, and to share his knowledge was much appreciated. As important his respect for nature/wildlife environment while enabling us to capture our photos. It was the most pleasurable and productive trip I have been on. The small group of people ,three, enabled Ron to provide a great amount of attention to each of us. I highly recommend going out with Ron, because he is the best guide, I have been out with, and he is worth every penny I paid for it. Arnold DubinNature Photographer

"I had the pleasure of joining Ron and another photographer for a really fun and educational workshop out on his boat. The morning started out beautiful and the bird highlights for me were many nesting Osprey; Barred owls; Herons; a few Limpkin, including a pair in a tree that I was able to photograph, and I even got my first Peregrine falcon. Ron was very helpful with his knowledge and I have to credit him for pushing me to go full Manual shooting. I haven't gone back to AV since and I am so happy for that. He also provided a camera for me to use since mine went into the shop only days before the trip. The weather didn't cooperate as we would have liked for a full day but Ron was great about giving us the choice of continuing or saving for a better half day. I left the trip with a great selection of photos and fun memories. I will join him again for another great day of shooting."Cheryl MolennorNature Life Images

One of the great benefits of living or visiting South Florida is the ability to experience and photograph the vast array of bird species that are native to this part of the country as well as those that visit us in the winter. Recently, I took a half-day boating excursion with bird photographer, tour guide and biologist Ron Bielefeld of Whistling Wings Photography and I couldn’t have enjoyed the day more. We spent four hours on his boat and photographed countless birds including Osprey, Herons, Egrets, Anhingas, Vultures and the most spectacular Owls, all in their natural habitat. Ron shared many bird photography tips with me that I am sure will help take my own bird photography to the next level. My suggestion is to turn off your computer, put down your photography magazines and instead spend a few hours or a full day in the field with Ron. You will learn a lot more and will be glad you did. Bruce